How To Meet A Girl If You Lack Self-confidence

One golden rule in any kind of love affair is to first love oneself to let others people love you. In case, you have a huge number of reasons not to do so, chances are, other people will try to avoid your self-destroying and criticizing company. Why so? Because nobody is perfect and appearance has nothing to do with who we really are. Given that you are not that satisfied with yourself, your self-esteem suffers and does not let to conquer girls’ hearts.

However, things are not that hopeless as it may seem. Everyone has a room for self-development and growth. And in cases, if you are lonely and wondering if something is wrong with you or the world, the first step to do is to figure out your self-attitude and try to turn it into a positive one. Self-confidence matters a lot when it comes to dating a girl either online or offline and therefore is worth working on.

Confidence Tips For Guys

Once you feel absolutely confident about yourself, that overwhelming feeling of shame and insecurity does not seem to bother you anymore. However, to get to that ultimate island of strong self-esteem takes much time and effort. The basic rule when it comes to dating and seeing someone is to let another person accept you as you are. No fakeness should be involved otherwise relationships are deemed to be unsuccessful.

Below are a few more tips on how to lessen insecurity and be more courageous:

    • act and reflect: if you are really interested in boosting self-confidence, reading books and articles thereon will never be enough. What you really have to do is to act. Message that girl from the online dating site and invite her for a cup of tea in the afternoon. Go there and see what happens. Then reflect and repeat. Practice makes perfect;
  • be more conscious towards criticism: if someone heavily criticizes you, this will definitely affect your self-confidence. Therefore, be especially careful in listening to people’s comments and scornful gazes. If you need to know their opinion, you are sure to ask for it first;
  • be open and honest: girls are also human beings with their own insecurities and problems. Remember that you are not alone. However, you do have to work on this issue in order to be on good terms with yourself as well as others. There is nothing that girls would appreciate more than sincerity and openness in concert with self-confidence;

  • set easy goals for yourself: anything that is connected to self-growth requires time and consciousness. Therefore, it is very important to set the objectives which you will be able to achieve in the end. Slow and steady wins the race.



To wrap things up, finding an ultimate crush is not that easy nowadays. Especially, given the modern social tensions which make people less confident. However, impossible is nothing. And the harder you will try, the better it will get with time!

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